Whither Blogging?

I started this blog yesterday, with eight posts that I’d written over the course of the last week (while my wife researched WordPress and did the set-up and design work for me). So far, it’s a pretty incoherent blog, but that’s ok. Oh, and I hope no one thinks I ‘m cheating by back-dating posts so that they fall chronologically.

I think a few things are going to happen as I roll forward.

  1. I’ll find more of a “voice” — I used to be a writer, and I think I can be again. Writing a little every day will help that develop in me.
  2. I’ll get up-to-date on the backlog of Gig Diaries, so that I can write about current events, instead of stuff that happened months ago.
  3. The Fuzzy Lemons will take off and become world-famous, and as I’m thrust into the national spotlight this blog will suddenly become of paramount importance to my screaming throngs of fans. I’ll find my audience, in other words.

There are a few things that are NOT going to happen here, as well.

  1. I’m not going to write about my wife and kid. Friends and family know how to follow their adventures elsewhere on the internet, and they’re not for public consumption.
  2. I’m going to keep it clean. As much fun as it would be to keep a salacious journal like Kevin Smith, I aspire to be a family-friendly entertainer. Maybe if my band were a goth-death-metal outfit named “The Flaming Pus Nozzles” I could go into all the sticky details of my life. But no, we’re called “The Fuzzy Lemons,” so I’ll be writing mainly about our adventures trying to get a video on Noggin.

Off to teach Music Together, have a good day!


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2 thoughts on “Whither Blogging?

  1. Dave:

    I enjoy reading your blogs and am so happy to see the increasing numbers of great successful sessions where entertainers and audiences have fun!


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