The Fuzzy Lemons debut the Family Beach Party at the Monroe Street Movement Center, Saturday February 14

For our first public gig of 2009 (and our First Anniversary celebration), we added a new twist: In addition to 45-minutes of incomparably cool music, we added a bunch of party events and made the whole thing the first Fuzzy Lemons Family Beach Party! Dana did temporary tattoos, Justin manned the Fish Toss, Kipley took photos at our surfin’ monkey photo booth, Brandon led some kid-sized percussion and I did some parachute games. [All photos courtesy of Colleen Castle]

Dana inks her kids
Dana inks her kids
Brandon bangs the drums
Brandon bangs the drums
Dave shoots the 'chute
Dave Shoots the ’Chute

Then, when everyone was good and riled up, we launched into a high-energy set, including some beachy covers (we opened with “Hawaii 5-0,” a challenge for my guitar skills and a big crowd-pleaser). We even played “Limbo Rock” and Dana led a Limbo contest:

Do de Leembo!
Do de Leembo!
Reggae Dave
Reggae Dave

I think it went well, and we can take the Family Beach Party on the road. Big ups to Dina, our hostess at Monroe Movement, and to Nancy and Colleen, our bouncers/merchandise crew/photographers.

The only bad thing happened after the set, when Brandon dropped his bass drum and cracked part of it. He writes “The good news is that the hoop is repairable, and should only cost one small third world country instead of seven or eight.”

Also, it was Valentine’s day. The Fuzzy Lemons love you!

Note: this was actually our third gig of 2009 but the first two were private parties; I’m not posting about them here to respect the privacy of the families who booked us. But I will say we had a lot of fun!

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2 thoughts on “The Fuzzy Lemons debut the Family Beach Party at the Monroe Street Movement Center, Saturday February 14

  1. Privacy, Shmivacy. ;-P Seriously, all the kiddies at Spencer’s party had a rockin good time.. we were told by at least one mom that it was the best preschool party she had attended, and I know several parents are now looking forward to the LSC gig. Rock on! 🙂

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