Dispatches From the Box, Day 2

Here we are again at Garden Street Music. Kipley has already knocked a bunch of stuff out of the park, including a killer vocal for “Baby, Please Don’t Cry” and the rigorous accordion part for “Skunks In My Shoes.”

Then I did my guitars for “Baby, Please Don’t Cry,” rhythm and then solo. I love being in a well-stocked studio like this because I get to chose my weapons. In addition to my own beloved Epiphone hollowbody and Fender acoustic, I’ve recording bits with Dan’s Strat, his Telecaster, his Les Paul and even a beat-up old Gretsch hollowbody–faded and chipped but still full of life. I used that one on “Sunburn” instead of my own hollowbody because his has a Bigsby tremolo. I gotta get one of those.

Anyway, Dana and I just finished the backing vocals to “Baby, Please Don’t Cry” and now she’s adding her tambourine. Then that song is in the can and we can move on to the final challenges: Dana has to do the sax solo in “Sunburn” and I need to do vocals for “Skunks.”

I just have to say that this is the ideal recording situation. The studio is two blocks from my apartment! I just grab my guitar and go. Hauling the drums back and forth in November was a lot of work, and we’ll have to do it again when we come back to start new songs, but it’s SO worth it!

I also want to take a moment and sing the praises of Dan McLoughlin. He’s so mellow, that at first I worried he wasn’t going to offer any input on the songs at all, just record us and send us on our way. But he’s been making suggestions for tweaks and we’ve agreed with everything he’s said. He’s got a good ear but isn’t pushing us to change anything drastic. He’s just a music lover like us and his input has been wonderful.

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