Blessed Quietness

It’s been a quiet week (2 weeks actually) in Lake Hoboken. I’ve been on break between semesters and the Lemons haven’t had any gigs.

Which is not to say that I’ve been doing nothing.

The Lemons had a big fat business meeting last Monday, and discussed a whole lotta topics. Mainly, we decided to bring Big Dan McLoughlin aboard as the official Producer (say it with a British accent: “pro-DEWS-ah”) of the first full-length Fuzzy Lemons album. We got unmixed versions of the 5 songs we recorded at Garden Street Music over the winter and I’m super-psyched about how the album is going to turn out.

We also decided to book a lot of gigs, buy a P.A., and maybe shoot a video. Meanwhile, my sister put me in touch with a band from the D.C. area called Rocknoceros, and I’ve been chatting with them about some sort of gig-exchange deal. And yesterday we hit the Children’s Museum in Norwalk, CT, which is in the process of building a stage and planning a summer concert series, and I grabbed their contact info. So it’ll be an interesting summer, watch this space for more.

In semi-related news, Kipley, Dana and I spent three of my vacation days recording at my place for a project we’re calling “Playdate Music.” We’ve knocked out six tunes so far, with a couple more on the burner. Between those six and the five new Fuzzy Lemons tunes, I’ve been really really pleased with the creative output that’s happening around me. It’s great to have such easy and fun collaborators!

That’s what’s taken up most of my time. In fact we were so busy with taxes and cleaning and recovering from work and travel craziness that we actually turned my sister down when she wanted to visit with her two kids. (We promise to have a visit soon!)

Now we’re chillin’ at my folks’ house in CT for the Easter weekend. My old, old friend Zak is cat-sitting for us in Hoboken. I may or may not write about her in some other post. The short version: She’s the first person I met in Hoboken, some 13-odd (and I mean VERY odd) years ago, and she’s back in town to visit her mom and we’re thrilled to see her.

Happy Easter!

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