The Fuzzy Lemons at Kiddiepalooza, Sunday, June 14

Wow, what a day! The Lemons just rocked three big fat sets of fun-filled rock on Hoboken’s gorgeous Pier A. Everything came together today: The weather was wonderful (breezy, sunny, not too hot or humid, and the ever-present threat of rain turned out to be nothing), the town’s equipment worked well (kudos to Tom Sweeney and to sound guy Randy—I’ll have to learn his last name sometime) and the crowd was super-enthusiastic.

I wore my cool new tie-dyed shirt that my sister and her family gave me for my birthday: The tie-dye is in the shape of a guitar. It’s the best shirt ever.

We hung out with the Flannery Brothers (I kept wanting to call them the Farrelly Brothers), down from Maine for the weekend to perform at a couple of locales in the NJ/NYC area. They were sweet as pie and very talented (and they complimented us on the party we threw for the kids with our set).

Kipley and Dana related a nice comment they received from a local parent, who said something along the lines of “I figured out why you’re so good: You’re not a kid’s band, you’re a rock band that has kid’s lyrics.” I’ll get the exact quote and use it in our press kit because that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to convey all along. I’m glad folks are figuring it out.

As for our sets, well, I made some mistakes (I learned I cannot walk and play “Hawaii 5-0” at the same time) but overall we had great energy and barreled through. People commented afterwards on how much fun they had, not the mistakes they heard. But man, do I need to rehearse more.

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