Music Together at Shipyard Park, July 28

This show marks the beginning of my crazy summer, 5 gigs with 4 bands in 3 weeks, plus 20 hours in the recording studio. And I love it! 

The annual Music Together show (read about last year’s here) is a bit of a departure from the other stuff I find myself doing these days. Whereas the Gordys are a band with lots of regular members who have to learn new material every year, the Music Together gang is an ever-rotating group who all happen to know the same music. And in fact this year we were blessed to not only have Anne and Catherine returning, we were joined by newcomer Kristin Springer as well. Her energy (and love of broadway show tunes) fit right in.

I’m grateful that we got the show together with only two big rehearsals (plus a couple of smaller get-togethers to pick songs and work out harmonies). My colleagues are al fantastic musicians and singers, and man-oh-man can they harmonize. Indeed, try to stop them! So once again we were able to put on a huge show with the simple lineup of four singer and a couple of guitars. We had a wonderfully supportive Shipyard crowd, as always, and the city’s sound crew, Tom and Aaron, did a bang-up job supporting us on the tech side.

Best moment: When I sang the opening notes of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” and the whole crowd answered back with the next line. That was fun.

From the show I packed up my gear and headed straight to Garden Street Music for a session with the Fuzzy Lemons. I’ll be back on the Shipyard stage with them next week!


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