The Fuzzy Lemons at the Great South Bay Music Festival, Sunday, July 12

Road trip!!!!!!!

We rolled out of bed early this morning and were loading up Dana and Kipley’s vehicles by 9:00 a.m. for our first real road trip to an out-of-town festival, the Great South Bay Music Festival on Long Island. It was a classic day: A sack o’ bagels, iPod jacked into the car stereo, and a lot of miles to cover. I don’t have a lot of details to share from the trip itself (who wants to read about someone else driving?) so I’ll skip to when we got there.

There’d been heavy rains the night before, and the KidZone is located in a tent right down near the water. What might have normally been a packed-earth floor inside the tent was instead a damp, seaweed-covered beach! So, we had to brush a little sand off of our gear afterwards, no big deal.

The guys from the Long Island Music Hall of Fame were great, getting gear set up and making us feel very welcome. The first performer, Paul Helou, was a dynamic and creative musician who greeted us with a big smile, even as we edged into his start time with all of our gear-hauling ands set-up. He even invited us to get up and jam with him, and so I borrowed Justin’s bass, and Brandon and I backed him up. His tunes were clever and silly and he has a great voice, check him out.

As for the Lemons, we played a pretty rockin’, high-energy set. Maybe the energy was too high; our “Jump, Wiggle & Shake” was about 90 m.p.h.  At one point during the song Kipley just looked at me wide-eyed and mouthed “wow.”

The audience was thin, unfortunately. A trio of suspiciously childless young men hung out for most of our set, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. We had no idea why, but we had our suspicions… but after the show we found out they were local teachers, not just some stoners.

The KidZone was located next to Ye Pirate Brotherhood, a splendid and rowdy group of costumers, as you can imagine. After our set they approached us about possibly playing the 2nd Annual Long Island Pirate Festival in September. What could be more fun than that?

Overall, a fun day, even if we didn’t entertain thousands of screaming fans. Big ups to Erin Lee for helping us land the gig!


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