More studio time

Dana, Kipley and I spent today in the studio at Garden Street Music, banging out parts for the upcoming CD. Kipley did a marathon 4-hour stint at the piano, doing the keyboard parts for 5 or 6 songs back-to-back. Then we switched gears and I did some mandolin for “If You Fall.”

Then Dana recorded the sweet, sensitive clarinet part for a song called “Someone Who Cares,” which you haven’t heard yet because we haven’t played it live yet, but it’ll make you cry, it’s so wonderful.

Then I got to sit down and take a crack at some guitar parts. I did “If You Fall,” “Uh Oh,” “Girls Rock” and “Jump,  Wiggle & Shake.” I probably did one other song in there as well but I can’t remember because my brain is fried.

Dan is a great producer, working us hard to get the best performance he can. I listen to the rockabilly guitar I just recorded for “Jump, Wiggle & Shake” and I can’t believe it’s really me playing. (Mind you, the final cut was spliced together out of, like, 37 takes, but hey, all that matters is the final product.) As I’ve said before, playing with the Lemons has really pushed my musical abilities in surprising ways. I can’t wait for everyone to hear how much fun we’re having!

We’ll be back in here next Monday from noon to 10 p.m.! Whee!

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