The Calm Before the Storm

Hi everyone! It’s been almost a month since my last post… mainly because August is vacation month! I haven’t had any gigs or classes in over 3 weeks. It’s been a lovely time. I got to do some waterskiing in CT on my dad’s boat, and the Fuzzy Lemons have used the time to write a new song or two.

Now, refreshed and ready, we’re launching into the Fall of ’09. First order of business: FINISH THE CD! We’ve booked two more 10-hour days at Garden Street Music, for Dana, Kipley and myself to record guitars, vocals, keys, accordions, mandolins, woodwinds, and gosh-knows what else. Meanwhile, we’re starting to bounce ideas around for album artwork. The goal is to be able to put the thing in people’s hands on Dec. 1. I love seeing all of this creativity come together!

At the same time, we’ve got a bunch of gigs coming up, including some road trips!

  • September 12 – Concert for the Mustard Seed school in Hoboken
  • September 13Union County Music Festival, Oak Ridge Park, Clark NJ
  • September 20 – 2nd Annual Long Island Pirate Festival, Farmingville, NY
  • September 21 – Studio day
  • September 28 – Studio day
  • October 11 – In-Store concert at Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Triangle, NYC
  • October 18 – Jubilee Day – Benefit for Jubilee Center
  • October 24 – private party in Hoboken
  • October 30 – Halloween party for Garden Street Music (in exchange for studio time!)
  • December 4 – Fuzzy Friday
  • December 5 – Dave and Howie’s annual holiday show at the Museum
  • December 11 – Fuzzy Friday
  • December 16 – Garden Street Music holiday party
  • December 18 – Fuzzy Friday/HFA holiday concert

That’s a decent list. Playing shows, recording albums… that’s how I want my life to be!

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