The Fuzzy Lemons at the Union County Music Fest, September 13

This was our second non-brush with greatness this weekend, as we got to catch They Might Be Giants at the MusicFest, but as kids-stage performers we didn’t rate any backstage access or anything. Oh well.

Festivals are tricky. Audiences (at the children’s stage, anyway) tend to wander through rather than stay put. But it was a gorgeous day and I always love performing with the Lemons and I was pretty happy!

As an added bonus, my college friend Eric was there with his kids; I hadn’t seen him since New Year’s Eve 2000, when our college band did a little reunion show. Always a treat to catch up with old friends.

Someday The Fuzzy Lemons will convince the world that we’re a full-sized rock band, with the technical requirements thereof. After weeks of being assured that the Fest had adequate gear for us, we arrived only to be told that they had a dinky 12-channel mixer next to the stage, and the DJ was taking up some of those channels and a monitor already!

But we made it work and made some friends, most importantly the good people at This Is It! Productions, based right in our hometown of Hoboken NJ!

Justin’s wife took these photos:

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