I’m not 18 anymore…

Ugh! I just did a dumb thing at the playground, trying to run up the edge of the slide. I jumped for the rail at the top, lost my footing, and wound up dangling from the rail. I wrenched my left arm and bashed my left leg against the slide. It hurt so bad I was nauseous for a moment. Feeling a little better now but still very sore. Lifting my left arm hurts like the dickens.

In other news, It’s been a crazy few weeks. Oh, sure, on the surface I’ve just been finishing out my fall Music Together semester, and haven’t had any gigs, Lemony or otherwise. But behind the scenes: The Fuzzy Lemons album To The Moon is DONE! We spend this last week finishing the artwork, finishing the mix, and getting it mastered. The pieces were all delivered to DiskMakers before the week’s end. Someone, probably Dana, will have to drive down to south NJ to pick up the finished, shrink-wrapped CDs on Thursday, Dec 3.

We’ll be selling them at our Fuzzy Friday show in Brooklyn on the 4th, and having an official kick-off party in Hoboken on Dec 5. Woohoo! I’ve said it many times, the disc sounds amazing. Not only did everyone play really well, but everyone made significant contributions during the mixing process. And of course our producer Dan McLoughlin is a wizard for turning us into the band you’re going to hear on the CD. And his colleague Ed Littman punched the album up even more during the mastering process. A lot of brains, heart, effort and talent went into this. It’s gone from being a collection of songs to an ALBUM, a true piece of art.

And speaking of art, the artwork by Erik Craddock is just delightful. He did wonderful drawings of the band as moon-men (and women), pointy ears and all, and turned the lyrics of “To The Moon” into a 12-page comic book that’ll be included with the CD. The entire package is a treat from start to finish, and I think folks are really going to enjoy listening to it and looking at it. Time will tell, of course, but I’m feeling really really good about it….

~ Dave

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