The Fuzzy Lemons at Liberty Science Center, Saturday, February 13

As the Lemons continue to play gigs around the area, more and more I find myself writing things like “we’re happy to be back at…” or “today was our triumphant return to…”

Well, today was our triumphant return to the totally cool Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. We were invited there not long ago as part of a Make-A-Wish event. The event fell through but LSC asked us to come and play anyway! It’s always a thrill and an honor, and we even decided to record the event by asking our friend and neighbor Bill Hamilton of BeelMedia to come film the event in HD.

The first set was at 10:00 a.m., an EARLY start, so we actually set it up with LSC to come in the night before to load our gear in and spend a little time assembling the PA. Kudos to Dana for making that all happen, and for driving! She’s been our tireless, uncomplaining bus driver for two years now.

As for the gig itself: I’m eager to see the footage Bill shot, to see if it matches my own impressions of the day. The first set was a high-energy show, and I think the fans really got into it. Dave Entwistle was in the command chair at the sound board, which is always a good feeling.

We had a good crowd up front and dancing, which will look pretty good on the video, I reckon! I made some noticeable mistakes, including starting a song in the wrong key, but overall I think the whole band felt good about the first set.

We took a break and did it all over again at 11:15, but I think fatigue was setting in–the band seems to agree that the energy wasn’t as high. But again we had a good crowd up and dancing in the front, and had a lot of fun, so that’s why I want to see the tapes!

Highlights: The young girl who waved the Jolly Roger for us during “If I were a Pirate”; seeing some old friend with kids of their own at the show!

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