The Fuzzy Lemons on KZTV, Friday, June 4

One of the many, many exciting shows we’ve been looking forward to this spring is an appearance on KZTV, the closed-circuit TV studio set up at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC for the young patients there. No kidding, they have their own little studio, with three cameras, backdrops, the works, and they use it to broadcast live shows to the kids in the pediatrics section. It’s an amazing line-up, too, from magic and circus performances to science segments and even game shows.

And of course, live music! The Fuzzy Lemons paid a visit to the KZTV studios on Friday afternoon and were greeted by the top-notch staff, producer Alayna Kramer and engineer Gerard Edison. This was a rare “unplugged” Lemons show, all-acoustic with no drum kit (Brandon brought shakers and a hand drum). That made for a quick and easy set-up, that’s for sure!

Kids can call in to the studio from their rooms to make requests and interact with the performers. Alayna circulated a list of our songs before the show so the kids could call down and let us know what they wanted to hear. She also brought three of her charges down to the studio to be our live audience. Once they were settled, Gerard gave us an official countdown, “we’re live in five… four… three… two… one…” and the cameras were rolling.

We launched into a song and would have done a second one but the phone rang right away. Room 550, it turns out, was the hoppin’ party room that day, four different kids called down from 550 to talk to us and request songs. I don’t know how the others felt about it, but I had a blast taking the calls (I imagine the others would have loved to get a word in edgewise if I’d only shut up for a second).

Some of our songs were a bit sloppy: We’d never done an unplugged rehearsal, and it showed. But overall I think it was a fun and successful show. It was over too quickly, that’s for sure. They’ve asked us back again, which is always a good sign!

On the way out I saw a listing for “Musicians On Call” and asked Gerard to forward my number to them. I can see myself doing more visits of this nature in the future….

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