The Fuzzy Lemons at the Kids Kingdom, Mattano Park, Elizabeth NJ, Saturday, August 14

Today was the first of our three gigs with This Is It! Productions’ Traveling Kids’ Kingdom, and what a start it was! Deanna Hunt and the good folks at This Is it! really know how to pull out all the stops and put on a great show.

Our friend DJ Mickey G was there, doin’ his thing as MC. He knows what the kids like! We talked about collaborating with him; Dana has a new song that might be a perfect match for his skills at the turntable. I keep mentioning it in hopes that it’ll actually come true.

I also met another surprise character: Matt Wilson, a.k.a. “Harry” on Cyberchase, one of our favorite PBS kids’ shows. I saw his trademark spiky hair and goofy clothes and shouted like a fanboy “Oh wow, it’s Harry from Cyberchase!” Rather than siccing security on me, Matt flashed a huge grin and said “hi,” introduced himself by his real name, and even asked about my kid.

Then he did something so amazing I can scarcely believe it: When I introduced myself as a Fuzzy Lemon, he said “Oh, you guys are great, I love the Fuzzy Lemons!” He’d actually heard of us and liked our music! I can’t imagine how such a thing is possible but I’m going to act as if it’s true.

Matt and Dave
Matt and Dave

After Matt and his wife Stephanie performed their “Ultimate Rock and Roll Show” (a real crowd-pleaser) it was our turn. We whipped through a super-fast set up and soundcheck. Deanna had hired Mike K. again and he and his team had us up and running in record time.

I love outdoor shows. The wind and sun feel so good, I think they enhance the music in some mysterious way. But the wind also decided to knock the drum shield over, and the sun was pretty darn hot…

In other words, the gig was a mixed bag, as per usual. We played through a state-of-the-art sound system on a huge stage, but we couldn’t seem to hold the festival crowd. I don’t mean to say the place was empty——we had kids dancing, but Matt and Stephanie seemed to have more. As always, I think the sun was a factor. But there’s definitely an opportunity here for the Lemons to really step up our game and find out how to capture folks’ attention, without giving anything away in terms of the songs we write and perform.

We have two more gigs with This Is It! Productions in September and October; I can’t wait to turn it up another notch!

~ Dave

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