The Fuzzy Lemons on KZTV, Friday, August 20

What a treat to be back in the groovy little KZTV studio, located at Mt. Sinai hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The staff (Gerard, Alayna and Deepika) were so cheerful and happy to have us there, and set-up took almost no time at all.

The whole thing felt very comfortable (for me, anyway), as if we’d done it a hundred times, when in fact the opposite was true–we were playing almost completely unplugged (Justin had a bass amp) and unrehearsed, in front of 3 TV cameras, with almost no audience in sight.

I will confess that kept getting distracted by looking at the monitors. It’s hard enough to remember a bunch of lyrics and guitar chords when I’m also trying to pay attention to which way my eyes are focused. I missed a couple of lines of a couple of songs; most notably I forgot to sing the line “Skunks in my shoes” once during the song of the same title… oops! But it actually created an interesting gap in the song, I may “forget” to sing that line again from time to time.

I finished the set feeling really happy, like I’d done something good. It’s an honor to be a part of such a positive project. The people at the KidZone at Mt. Sinai are doing awesome, amazing, inspiring work with kids and I salute them!

~ Dave

Rockin' the hospital
Rockin' the hospital

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