The Fuzzy Lemons and Rocknoceros at the Knitting Factory, Sunday, September 19

I’ve actually been in touch with Rocknoceros for about a year now, since my sister introduced me to them (she and her family are fans in the Rockno’s home state of Virginia). I met them face-to-face at Kindiefest and found them to be sweet fellows. Their albums are highly listenable.

Way back in the early summer, I got an e-mail from Rocknoceros’ booking guy. He said the band was going to be in Philly on Sept. 18th, and did I know of any gigs in our area on the 19th so they could make a mini-tour out of the weekend? It turns our the Lemons were booked at the Knitting Factory that day, so with the band’s approval I offered to share that slot with Coach, Boogie Woogie Benny and Willie Bob.

The Knitting Factory is so awesome, so technologically advanced, that they were able to accommodate two full bands on stage, at the same time, no problem (I’ve been in situations in the past where the headlining band gets a great mix and the other bands get the shaft). This gave me an idea: What song could we all perform together? A quick call to my sister revealed that “Yellow Submarine” was a popular favorite at Rocknoceros shows, so I mentioned it to Coach and the plan was hatched: When Rocknoceros finished their set, we’d join them on stage for an ensemble performance of the Beatles classic, “In the People’s Key of G” as Benny put it.

And whaddaya know, it worked! To my delight and surprise, things went pretty much exactly as planned. We had a decent crowd, including pretty much my entire family from CT and VA. Rocknoceros put on a great show (did I mention they’re really talented, friendly and entertaining?) and then we joined ’em for “Yellow Submarine.” It was a wonderful moment and I hope it sounded as good to the audience as it felt on stage. My dad got it on video but I haven’t seen it yet.

Then after a few last-minute sound-check-type activities, we did our Fuzzy Lemons set. It was a full-on rockin’ 45 minutes, as always! Rob, the Knit’s sound guy, is crackerjack, we can always count on him to get the job done. We have a fairly new song, “The Firefly Song,” a lovely waltz in D that Kipley wrote, based on Eric Carle’s book The Very Lonely Firefly. It’s been really popular at shows and the audience really got into it today.

Afterwards, we broke for cupcakes (it was my nephew’s birthday) and went home! We’re in touch with Rocknoceros about sharing future gigs, watch this space for details.
~ Dave

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