The Fuzzy Lemons at the Knitting Factory, Sunday, October 24th

Happy Halloween! It’s time for our annual fright-fest and this year we haunt the Knitting Factory!

But first, a note: Last time we played here, Brandon Miller was our drummer. That turned out to be his last show with the Fuzzy Lemons. He’s decided to hang it up (for now) and we’re sad to see him go. Thank you, Brandon, for your awesome musical contributions to the band! To The Moon sounds amazing because of you.

Back to the band: We spent the last few weeks of September rehearsing with a cool young drummer names Chris Moran. Chris teaches drums at Garden Street Music, and when Dan McLoughlin heard we were drummerless he hooked us up. Chris dove in head-first and learned our tunes in two whirlwind rehearsals, including a batch Halloween tunes. And not only did he rock the set at the Knitting Factory, he did it in a Teletubby costume!

I love Halloween because the music is so goofy. We did “The Monster Mash” in full-on camp mode, of course, but the rest of our spooky set was pretty cool, come to think of it. “Five Little Pumpkins” has a righteous Bo Diddly beat (I play slide guitar on it), and our surf-rock version of the “Munsters” theme was gnarly, to say the least. And I can’t wait to record and release “Hallowalloween,” our first holiday-themed song (penned by Maiken DuBois, who has given her blessing to record it). With luck, it’ll get picked up and played every Halloween from now until, well, ever.

Playing in costume is fun and challenging. Dana had nowhere to clip her wireless receiver on her Crayon costume, and my top hat made guitar changes a challenge. But it’s so COOL to be up on stage all dressed up!

Watch this space for photos from the show!

~ Dave

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