The Fuzzy Lemons at Maxwell’s, Sunday, November 7th

Finally, we’re back on our home turn in Hoboken. And what’s more, we’re on stage at one of the greatest rock clubs in NJ history! You can keep your Stone Pony, we’ve got Maxwell’s!

We’ve played Maxwell’s before; we were part of a big Haiti fundraiser last Christmas. But this is the first time we’ve headlined our own show. We hyped the event a lot in the weeks leading up to it. After all, this was our first Hoboken show since June! And it worked; we sold a lot of tickets. It’s always great when our hometown crowd comes out to support us.

The sound system at Maxwell’s is truly awesome, much more than we would ever need for a Fuzzy Lemons show but a real thrill to hook into. Nirvana and Springsteen have been on this stage; it’s the real deal. We got there nice and early, as is our custom, and did extensive sound-checking. During the show I only saw one kid with his fingers in his ears and that’s because he was standing right up against the speaker.

It was a rockin’ set and we had a great crowd of kids up front, shakin’ their little booties to that TFL sound. Thank you, Hoboken!

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