The Fuzzy Lemons at KZTV, Friday, February 18

We’re always thrilled and honored to be part of the fun at KZTV, Mt. Sinai’s closed-circuit TV channel for patients. Producer Alayna Kramer and engineer Gerard Edison do a great job putting on shows for their very special audience.

Justin, Dana and I did a scaled-down “unplugged” set this time around. We printed up lists of our songs in advance and Alayna distributed them to the kids in their various room, so the kids could phone in during the show to make requests. And phone in they did! The phone rang between every song! It’s so cool to be interacting with kids like that. (Even though we can’t actually see the kids!)

This time, we had a little fun with a digital backdrop; I’ll see if I can get a screen-grab to post here. I’ve been thinking visually this year, so it was groovy to see the Lemons in a digital environment.

~ Dave

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