The Fuzzy Lemons at Earth Day, Liberty State Park, Saturday, April 16

Our first outdoor show of the season became an indoor show, as ferocious winds and driving rain forced the event into the train terminal at historic Liberty State Park. (And Vanessa’s initiation into Lemonhood continued, as she endured a little of my temper over miscommunication over where to park and unload. I’m sorry, Vanessa! You didn’t deserve to be yelled at!)

The Hudson County Improvement Authority put a lot of effort into creating this Earth Day event, and they lined up a great day of entertainment, with the help of the fine folks at This Is It! Productions. We were all disappointed by the weather, but Deanna and her team did an amazing job moving as much of the fun as they could under cover, and we couldn’t be happier with the work they do. The even provided sandwiches and drinks for the staff and entertainers!

As we got there, Miss Sherri and the Little Animal Band were rocking the train terminal, decked out in full critter regalia. We’ve met them before, at Kids Kingdom shows, and they always put on an entertaining set. I’m regret to say I didn’t catch the name of the dancer who went on stage after Sherri, but she also put on an amazing show, dancing with Spider Man, Sheriff Woody, Minnie Mouse, and some other costumed characters. The kids loved it.

As the final act in the line-up, I think we suffered most due to the weather; a lot of people packed up and went home. But we still had an enthusiastic crowd and we made sure to send as many of them home with CDs as we could. We couldn’t be the Fuzzy Lemons if we didn’t have fans cheering us on! Thank you everyone!!!!
~ Dave

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