The Fuzzy Lemons at Shipyard Park, Tuesday, July 26

Our annual Shipyard show was, as always, an enormous party! There was the usual Great Wall of kids at the front of the stage, and the usual admonitions from the band to (a) keep little hands to themselves, and (b) be careful not to fall down the steps. But no one needed us to make a Lost Child announcement this year (it’s happened in the past).

Ben & Jerry’s sponsored the show, but new rules set by the Shipyard folks prevented them from actually selling ice cream that night. Very disappointing, but at least we had a smart-looking banner to hang behind us on the stage.

And we didn’t get rained on until after the show, when we were loading the van. Bonus!

-- Weather When Posted --

  • Temperature: 55°F;
  • Humidity: 87%;
  • Heat Index: 55°F;
  • Wind Chill: 52°F;
  • Pressure: 29.75 in.;

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