The Fuzzy Lemons at the Kids Kingdom, Rahway River Park, Rahway, NJ, Saturday, July 9

Summer Festival Season officially kicks off here!

Rahway was our first of several Kids Kingdom events through This Is It! Productions this summer, and I think we’re off to a good start. We love playing those enormous stages, and of course our pal DJ Mickey G is always there to get the crowd pumped for our set.

As we arrived, Patricia Shih was finishing her set, and we got to hobnob briefly afterwards. She’s a sweet person and a talented musician who has put a lot of effort into creating CDs for varying age groups. Check her out here.

Regular Lemon drummer Chris Moran was away for the weekend, so our guest percussionist was none other than longtime Lemon friend Dave Entwistle. He’s been listening to our music since our second gig, and he did a great job with the djembe, tambourine, shakers and other percussion.

Next stop, Church Square Park in Hoboken!

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