The Gordys at Sinatra Park, Thursday, August 11

And now for a complete change of pace: The Gordys!

I LOVE doing these shows. The rehearsals leading up to them can be murder (and I apologize to the whole band for losing my cool more than once), but the shows themselves are always magical. Barbara recalls: “We had the best weather ever, Pier C park wasn’t a construction site, and the sound guys were awesome.”

This year’s line-up included Rob Harari, Joe Harari, Pamela Strell, Howard Olah-Reiken, Donna Coney Island, Barbara Arnett, and Justin Michael, with guest star Dave Plotka making a special appearance. The Gordys: The Next Generation also joined us, as Genevieve Harari sang a Plain White T’s song with Coby Strell on piano, and some of the other kids singing backups.

This year’s biggest challenge: “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” We pulled it off!

Local mom Susan Chait designed this year’s t-shirt and it looks fabulous.

The full set list:
Girlfriend – We opened with Matthew Sweet’s 3-chord rocker, and I dedicated it to Geri Fallo.
Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Howard rocked this one.
Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Still can’t believe we nailed it.
No One Is To Blame – A gorgeous ballad from the 80s, sung by Pamela.
Shipping Off To Boston – Barbara led this scorching instrumental form the Dropkick Murphys.
Something So Strong – I led this folk-rock classic from Crowded House.
Nowhere Man – Howie led us in this song’s thick, rich harmonies.
The Only Living Boy in New York – Barbara didn’t know when she picked this song that it’s one of my favorites from Simon and Garfunkel.
Down on the Corner – A classic jam tune, hard to believe we’ve never done it before!
Walk Like an Egyptian – More 80s grrrl power!
Ziggy Stardust – I didn’t nail all the lyrics but we had a lot of fun blasting this one out.
Here Comes Your Man – I busted out my electric 12-string for this alt-pop gem.
Wanderlust King – Joe led us on this wild journey a la Golgol Bordello.
Rat Race – Anti-establishment ska (is there any other kind?) with Rob on lead vocals.
Isn’t She Lovely – Rob again, singing a stripped-down Stevie Wonder classic.
I Wish – More Stevie Wonder, a workout for bass hero Justin.
1, 2, 3, 4 – Genna led this gorgeous little Plain White T’s ditty.
Shadows In The Rain – Justin’s other selection, a rocked-up Sting classic featuring Pamela.
Just Won’t Burn – Pamela ripped this Susan Tedeschi blues number to shreds.
Plus, we did a quick version of our ever-popular Klezmer set, let by Barbara and her rockin’ accordion.

After the show we had drinks and food at Hudson Tavern, where we proclaimed Donna an official member of the Gordys. I’m already hearing tunes that I want to try next summer….

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