The Fuzzy Lemons at the Hoboken Elks Club, Sunday, October 30

Trick or Treat, part deaux! We performed our Halloween set at the Elks for the annual Garden Street Music bash, and it was a great time, as always! Each year, we share the stage with GSM’s students, and watching the teen and pre-teen rockers is a real treat. (Especially since many of them used to be in my Music Together class!)

One particular highlight stands out: A dance class had been working on “The Time Warp,” and was going to dance to a playback, but we had it on our set list so they got up and danced along to us instead!

In lieu of payment for this show, we’ve got credit for studio time with Dan. Sometime in the winter or spring we’ll be going back into the studio to record a new album! I can’t wait!

~ Dave

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