The Fuzzy Lemons at Frost Fest, Basking Ridge, NJ, Sunday, Dec. 18th

Back in September, we received a very kind e-mail from Carrie Springer (a naturalist, of all things), who “absolutely fell in love” with our music as she was putting together an event for the Somerset County Park Commission’s Environmental Education Center. Well, who could resist such an invitation?

The event was a Hibernation Masquerade; everyone would wear pajamas and make animal masks and wish the hibernating animals a good winter’s nap. So we dusted off our pajama-jam set and threw a party!

When we first arrived, a staffer was out front in a bear suit, waving to the incoming visitors. We knew right then that it was going to be a fun day. The Environmental Education Center needs a shorter name, but it’s quite an impressive facility, packed with nature exhibits and animals both living and stuffed. They cleared a big space for us to set up, and soon we had a groovy audience of kids and families piled up on the floor, eager to rock out.

Somehow, at intermission, Chris talked his way into the bear costume, and he wore it for the entire 2nd set. That’s true Fuzzy Lemon spirit.

Another notable, this is (I think) the only set where we’ve played a lullaby. Listen for Vanessa’s lovely composition “Sweetie Pie Lullaby” on our next album!

The Fuzzy Lemons at the Hibernation Masquerade
The Fuzzy Lemons at the Hibernation Masquerade

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