2011 Numbers – Lookin’ good!

I’m pleased to say that, even though the rest of the country is in a downward spiral, my numbers saw a nice bump in 2011, back up to 2009 levels!

I taught 415 Music Together classes – the exact same number I taught in 2010. In addition, I taught 55 “Sonic Uke” ukulele classes at Guitar Bar Jr.
I performed at 32 parties, way up from last year. I also did three Santa Claus visits.
The Fuzzy Lemons played 35 concerts, and I did 4 shows with other bands (including the Gordys and my Music Together cohorts).

Grand total: approx. 544 hours of performing for kids, an average of about 90 minutes a day. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!
~ Dave

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