“Are you Dave*?” for Saturday, January 21, 2012

It’s been a while! With so much competition in town (Music for Aardvarks, Preschool of Rock, Kidville, etc.) my name apparently hasn’t been circulating as much as it used to. So it was nice to hear, even though the lady got my name wrong at first.

The setup: Sitting down for lunch at Anthony David’s, our local hangout. To my right sat a bunch of moms, neighbors of ours and alumni of Music Together, having a chat. Behind me was a table full of new mommies, cradling infants and eating their salads one-handed. One of the Alumni Moms stops at the New Mommy table on her way out, and says “you guys need to take music class with this guy, he’s great.” Sweet, and a little embarrassing. So then I turn around and explain that I teach Music Together, and one of the moms asks “Oh, are you… Dan?”

Oh well. Close enough.

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