The Fuzzy Lemons at the Rue School, Sunday, January 15

Our first full-band gig of 2012 took place right here in our beloved hometown of Hoboken, NJ. We’ve deliberately kept our schedule light this winter so we could focus on getting new material together for a new album, but we couldn’t pass up Justin’s suggestion* to help raise money for our friends at TRUE Mentors. Plans for the “Winter FUN-Raiser” were put together and executed in just about a month, proving once again that the Lemons are a Lean Mean Music Machine (also, that our loyal and wonderful fans in Hoboken are the greatest in the world).

We warmed up the crowd with some parachute games before launching into two full sets of high-energy rock. Our neighbor Kathy Zucker blogged about it here; seems like she and her kids had fun, and she even got some cool cell-phone video!

Special thanks to the redoubtable Mark Glindmeyer for running our sound board. At the end of the day we raised well over $1,000 for TRUE Mentors, making it a worthy afternoon indeed.
~ Dave

* Pronounced “sugg-Justin”

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