Why “Are You Dave”?

This is the question I’m asked most often. I like talking to families, striking up (or butting in on) conversations at the park, or at the Frozen Monkey, or Starbuck’s or wherever. Before long, someone almost always asks “Oh, are you Dave?” See, I teach children’s music, and thanks to e-mail and such, my reputation (such as it is) has spread all over the Mile-Square City.

Yes, I’m Dave.

Hi, I’m Dave. Here’s my “official bio” (I wrote it myself): 

Dave has wanted to be a musician and entertainer since age 10, when he first picked up a tennis racket the wrong way to strum along with Def Leppard videos in the early days of MTV. As an amateur musician, Dave fooled around with various marching bands, rock groups and even day jobs before “going pro” as a registered Music Together teacher in 2002. He has been known to play guitar, banjo, bass, tuba, mandolin, harmonica, drums and kazoo, though not at the same time. Dave is currently working on his first album of original family-friendly music. He lives in Hoboken with his wife, child and polydactyl cat named Morpheus. 

I’ve been teaching Music Together in Hoboken for over 8 years now, and I seem to have a reputation with the 4-and-unders. Which is cool, because when they’re old enough to vote I can run for mayor. Meanwhile, I love making music with children and their families.

I’m grateful to Lisa Orinn for taking me under her wing and training me as a Music Together teacher. Her website is here: www.musicplaystudios.com

These are my fingers.

In addition to Music Together I’ve got some other music projects in the works. Since February 2008 I’ve been helping to build a brand-new band, The Fuzzy Lemons, into a world-class family-friendly rock juggernaut. You’ll read all about them in this blog (assuming, of course, that you stick around long enough to read an entry or two), as well as the many other bands and musicians I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

At home, I’ve recently started composing music for use on the Web or even on the radio. Some of my music can be found here: lambertsamples.souffle.net. Thanks to my wife’s awesome connections in NYC, I’ve already sold some tunes to Ford Motors and Altria. If you know anyone in the video or radio world, let them know you heard some groovy royalty-free tunes here.

Here’s an entry about why I started the blog and what I might do with it.

On a more personal note, I like puppies.

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